Manchester Art Gallery

I’ve already written about my trip to Manchester in July 2013 and going to the Whitworth Gallery.

Well the other gallery I managed to squeeze in was the Manchester Art Gallery.

Manchester_Art_GalleryWhat a great place. One of those wonderfully regal buildings to walk in to initially, with an impressive, modern, predominantly glass extension towards what I think was the back of the building. There were additional installations dotted through out the gallery as part of the Manchester Festival called DoIt. I thought the concept for the exhibition was great, but didn’t really make the most of it, as was lacking a ‘partner in crime’ to do some of the events. The below is taken from the Manchester Art Gallery website

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Whitworth Gallery, Manchester International Festival

At the start of July I went to Manchester, to see a few events as part of the Manchester International Festival 2013.

Never having been to Manchester before, I had great fun just trundling about exploring the city and appreciating the grand architecture – but there was also so many events on as part of the festival. We were limited to what we could see by practical things like the timing of events, availability of tickets and how long it took to travel to places.

One of the events I went to was: Coal on Cotton by Nikhil Chopra in the Whitworth Gallery.


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Patrick Caulfield and Gary Hume, Tate Britain, June 2013

Oh dear, this has taken me much too long to write and publish, I’m getting all behind on writing up my visits… I will endeavour to rectify this over the next week or so!

I think I might be slightly in love with the work of Patrick Caulfield (1936–2005).

Image from the

This is the link to the exhibition:

It’s probably because I’m a graphic designer and I love breaking objects down visually – into their simplest parts. Slightly naive but exactly right. And thats what I think Patrick Caulfield does very well.

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