Cat Illustrations (complex)

My friends had planned an exhibition based around the theme of cats. This was for various various reasons – one of which involved running the London Marathon – not me, my friend.

The brief was to design an A3 poster that was going to be printed using the risograph technique.

I have to confess I didn’t develop a particularly strong concept, other than to research the most popular cat breads in the UK. I identified 11 kinds. Am slightly suspicious the websites I looked at were never-the-less American influenced, as an ‘Maine Coon’ doesn’t very English.

I decided to start with a more complex illustration for each breed, and then break the shapes down to a more suitable format for the risograph printing technique. Unfortuntaely, due to work commitments, I missed the printing deadline by about 2 hours, and didn’t get my poster printed. Still I think there is a reason for these things, and as you will have seen from my previous post, I’ve simplified the images even further into some very basic lino cuts.


American Shorthair

Domestic Longhair

Domestic Shorthair


Félicette the Astrocat

Maine Coon






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